Koam Merchant Service Corporation's motto is “Your business is our business." We consider each of our merchants to be a business partner, and because of this, each of them is entitled to every benefit we can offer. We firmly believe it is our responsibility to help you, “our partner,” be as successful as possible, and by doing that, we ensure our continued success.
Credit and Debit Card Processing
In today’s competitive marketplace, accepting credit cards is a must for any business. Most of retail customers pay with their credit and debit cards, and if you don't accept credit cards, customers will go to one of your competitors who does. The acceptance of major credit cards is a key factor in the satisfaction of your customers and, as such, in the success of your business.

Credit Cards:
Visa ® most widely accepted and largest transaction volumes out of all major credit cards. 52.4% MasterCard ® Second largest payment network in the world accounting for over 32.8% Discover ® Ranks in at number four with close to 2% of credit card processing volume. AMEX ® Placing number three out of all major credit cards coming in with over 11%.

Source:; SEC filings from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

Debit Cards:
No required signature
Lower processing fees [in many circumstances]
Extremely low risk of chargeback
The needs of the customer are met.