We Offer the Most Competitive Rates and Fees in the Industry

Processing credit cards over the Internet is one of the fastest growing segments of transactions today. If you have a website, you can accept online payments easily and securely with online credit card processing system. Internet never sleeps, so that’s why we provide 24-hour customer service and 48-hour funding.

Call us today to find out how we can integrate your website with our credit card processing equipment to take your customers’ virtual shopping carts to the next level.

Discount Rates
At Koam Merchant Service, we care about your business – and it’s our business to not only offer you excellent customer care, but also to save you money on your credit card processing. We can offer you excellent savings over our competitors.

Swiped Transactions:

Swiped Qualified Rate:
-swiped qualified rates can range from xx%-xx%
-standard personal credit card
-must be swiped
-transaction batched/settled within 24 hrs

Swiped Mid-Qualified Rate:
-mid qualified downgrades range from x%-x.xx% and are added to the qualified rate.
(ex. if your qualified rate is x.xx% and your mid qualified rate is x.xx% your total rate would be x.xx%)
-card is manually entered or “keyed” with billing address (AVS)
-personal rewards cards

Keyed Transactions:

Keyed Qualified Rate:
-keyed qualified rates can range from x.xx%.
-standard personal credit card
-billing address provided for address verification (AVS)
-transactions are batched/settled within 24 hrs

Keyed Non Qualified Rate:
-non qualified downgrades can range from x.xx%-x.xx%% and are added to the keyed qualified rate.
(ex. If your qualified rate is x.xx% and the non qualified rate is x.xxur total rate is x.xx
-billing address not provided for address verification (AVS)
-authorization code is manually keyed (forced Authorization)
-card type (corporate, government, international, and personal rewards cards)

Lowest overall cost guaranteed.

During these tight economic times, you should evaluate your current credit card processing statements, to see if you are taking advantage of the best merchant account rates available.

At Koam Merchant Service, we can make a difference to your bottom line by offering the lowest rates and the highest quality service in the industry.

Send us a recent monthly processing statement today. The pricing team will analyze and develop an annual savings projection specific to your business.