Salon software

Quick & Easy Appointments

Caller ID automatically searches the customers.
Informative, color coded, appointment status indicators.
Freely drag-and-drop appointments to any employee or date.
Distribute workload evenly throughout employees.
Easily increase/decrease service duration.
Full screen schedule mode.
Easily schedule recurring appointments.
Quick memo field to indicate any special requests.
Search customer by phone, name, ID, or invoice #.

Easy To Use

Designed for people with no POS system experiences.
100% touch screen based, intuitive graphical user interface.
Easy to learn and use. Takes less than 30 minutes to learn.
Intuitive design prevents user mistakes.
Easy to setup menu and modifiers.

Improve Customer Relations

Easily view customer service history.
Assign membership card and ID.
Send appointment reminder text or email.
Send happy birthday text or email automatically.
Uses A.I. (artificial intelligence) to predict items customers might like but haven't tried. And suggest that item when customer orders next time.
Uses A.I. to help you choose customers most likely to visit your store. Start promotional campaigns based on this result.
Track effectiveness of marketing campaigns and uses its data to improve next campaign.
Using the latest technology from behavioral science, JKSalon helps customers develop an habit to visit your store more often.
Send reward amount expiration reminder text to customer. For example, "You have $10 reward points expiring this month. Why don't you stop by sometime for pedicure." (JKSalon already knows "pedicure" is her most serviced item)
Send reward amount milestone reminder text to customer. For example, "You now have accumulated $100 customer rewards at Iris Spa! Visit us soon."
Supports bonus card customer reward program.
Variable reward amount depending on sales amount.
Customizable marketing wizard to perform marketing campaign automatically.

Innovative Marketing

Print coupons, gift certificates, even greeting cards.
Advanced text/picture marketing using latest technology.
Send promotional text/email around important holidays such as Christmas.
Create beautiful picture teting photo using templates of hundreds of stock photos.
Powerful E-Mail marketing with multiple templates and custom messages.
Flexible and intuitive promotion setup.
Customizable marketing wizard.
Customer reward system based on points or amount.
Create and print your own gift certificates.
Detailed gift card and bonus card history report.

Rock Solid Reliability & Support

Reliability built on decades of development experience.
One of the most reliable POS software in the industry.
Most dealers provide 24/7 customer supports. No more "please wait until Monday when the office opens" non-sense.
Knowledgeable technical support team. Some even worked more than 10 years.
Bulletproof software that never crashes.
Industry's fastest updates and bug fixes.
Automatic data backup to 3 different locations.
Internet data backup and restore option.

Lots of Features

Easily adaptable to hair salons, nail salons, or spa.
Tons of options to tailor program for just your store.
Extremely flexible service item and upcharge setup.
Supports multiple languages & currencies.
Optional camera takes picture of customer's past styles.
Fingerprint reader for secure time clock.
Customer display to obtain signature and tip amount when paid by credit card.
Inventory management for retail item sales.
Detailed invoice management.

Better Employee Management

Automatically calculate each employee's commissions.
Apply different commission rates for different employees & items.
Percentage or at rate based commission.
Automatically calculate payrolls, time clock, overtime wages.
Distribute workload evenly throughout employees using queue system.

Multi-Store Ready

Adaptable to single store or nationwide franchise.
Cloud based reporting for all store.
Cloud based sales giftcard synchronization.
Enterprise edition manages up to 999 stores.
Allow giftcard purchase in one location and redeem on another store.

Store Website & Online Scheduling

Creates store website automatically from templates.
Customers can make appointments online using their cell phones.

Competitive Pricing and Merchant Services

One of the most affordable, yet most powerful POS systems in the market. That's why over 12,000 stores use our software.
Flexible one time purchase or monthly rent options.
Freedom to choose a dealer who give best credit card rates.
Optional cash discount feature where credit card fees are charged to the customer.
Use any merchant services processors you choose including Chase, Elavon, Evo, FirstData, Global Payments, TSYS, and WorldPay.
We strictly require our dealers to have highest integrity and honest business practices.